Image credit: Thunderbird dropping AK-47's to the people, 2010 By Gord Hill

Image credit: Thunderbird dropping AK-47’s to the people, 2010
By Gord Hill

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Exhibition Dates: Sept 27, 2013 – ongoing

Curated by: Logan MacDonald

Participating artists: Anonymous, Maryse Arseneault, Ian August, Marjorie Beaucage, Keith Cole, David Garneau, Gord Hill, Michel Huneault, Alootook Ipellie, Nicola Mulder, and Angela Marie Schenstead

Exhibition Overview

ATTESTING RESISTANCE is an on-line exhibition of works by visual artists/creative minds that respond to Aboriginal resistance. This particular curatorial conversation evolved from decades of unjust treatment of Aboriginal communities, whose resistance has been documented and represented with imbalance by mainstream news media and propaganda. This exhibition is dedicated to supporting the alternative perspectives and narratives, which may help locate and/or re-discover some of the strategies of resistance employed by Indigenous peoples (throughout history) that might otherwise go unnoticed if not documented or articulated through these symbolic artworks.

Logan MacDonald is a visual artist and curator, who holds a MFA from York University (2010) and a BFA from Concordia University (2006). MacDonald was a recipient of a prestigious SSHRC scholarship as a result of his graduate research. MacDonald’s solo and collaborative works have exhibited in galleries worldwide, and have been featured by CMagazine and Documenta 12.

This on-line exhibition is being supported and hosted by the ACC/CCA’s Micro Mentorship program, with funding from the Ontario Arts Council. The Micro Mentorship is designed to help an emerging Aboriginal curator hone their curatorial and writing skills, and also to provide access to exhibition space online, resources and support needed to realize their goals and build their practices. Logan MacDonald has curated the Attesting Resistance online exhibition under the mentorship of senior Aboriginal curator, Steven Loft.

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