The site you are navigating now would not have been possible without the work done on the original website by the founding Aboriginal Curatorial Collective/Collectif des commissaires autochtones (ACC/CCA) board members and others. There are many who have made incredible contributions in terms of the development and design of the original site and the organizational content including (but not limited to): Barry Ace, Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew, Ron Noganosh, Ryan Rice, Cathy Mattes, William Kingfisher, Steve Loft, and Maxine Bedyn. Patrick Tafoya was the web master/designer for the original HTML based site.

Feel free to scroll through the screen shots of the original site below.

The redesigned ACC/CCA website came into being through the combined efforts of many individuals including: Gloria Bell (contract web editor for 2012-2013), the ACC/CCA editorial committee (France Trépanier, Clayton Windatt and Jason Baerg), and former ACC/CCA National Coordinator Jessie Short. Pat Alec also worked for the ACC/CCA briefly to help set up the initial WordPress template.

The creation of this new site was made possible through a generous grant from the Ontario Arts Council’s Aboriginal Arts Projects program. The ACC/CCA is extremely grateful for the funds that have allowed us to create a new, user-friendly website that is easily updatable by staff and board members. With this new site we hope to continue in the spirit of the first site to be a dynamic and evolving informational resource.


The ACC/CCA would also like to this opportunity to acknowledge the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their continued support.