Our Team


Camille Georgeson-Usher, Transitional Director
email/courriel : c(dot)usher(at)acc-cca.com
Phone/Tél.: 416 559-2178

Camille Larivée, Tiohtià:ke Project Coordinator/Coordonnatrice du Projet Tiohtià:ke
email/courriel : tiohtiake(at)acc-cca.com
Phone/Tél.: 514 501-4294

Quill Christie-Peters, Director of Education and Learning
email/courriel : q(dot)christie-peters(at)acc-cca.com


ACC /CCA Board of Directors:

  • John Hampton, Co-chair
  • Tarah Hogue, Co-chair
  • Logan MacDonald, Vice Chair
  • Erin Sutherland, Secretary
  • Naomi Johnson, Treasurer
  • Rhéanne Chartrand, Board Member
  • Dayna Danger, Board Member
  • Léuli Eshraghi, Board Member
  • Lori Beavis, Board Member
  • Kablusiak, Board Member
  • Adam Martin, Board Member

Advisory Council (2013):

  • Kathleen Ash-Milby
  • Cathy Mattes
  • Ryan Rice

ACC/CCA Caucuses

Members are encouraged to begin organizing caucuses around the objects of the corporation and around other issues of importance to the ACC/CCA membership. Caucuses need to be proposed and approved at the AGM. Caucuses are the main instruments through which members participate in the direction of the ACC/CCA. Many of the central activities of the ACC/CCA will be determined by the priorities, participation and energy of caucuses. There is an extensive list of objects of the corporation. The establishment of caucuses by members around these objects will help determine their priority for ACC/CCA action. There are also other Aboriginal curatorial community issues that caucuses will address and that the ACC/CCA will put resources behind.