ACC/CCA Board of Directors Executive update

December 16, 2013

After the recent elections of several new board members at the AGM on November 16, 2013, it was decided to adopt an executive structure comprised of two co-chairs, a vice chair, a secretary and a treasurer. The decision was made to have co-chairs who would be able to share the load of serving as the chair of the board. The structure of two co-chairs and vice-chair will be an interim model of shared responsibilities between the co-chairs for the whole year until it can be ratified at the next AGM 2014. Jaimie Isaac and Clayton Windatt remain in their positions of secretary and treasurer, respectively. The ACC/CCA welcomes to their new positions on the executive France Trepanier and Nadia Myre as co-chairs, and Peter Morin as the vice chair. The organization is very enthusiastic about working with this board over the upcoming programming year!

The ACC/CCAs new board of directors is as follows:

Nadia Myre (co-chair)

France Trepanier (co-chair)

Peter Morin (vice chair)

Jaimie Isaac (Secretary)

Clayton Windatt (Treasurer)

Hannah Claus

Dayna Danger

Nadine St-Louis

Philip Cote

Sherry Farrell Racette



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