New Blood at ACC-CCA Jacob Dayfox

The ACC-CCA is proud to announce Jacob Dayfox as our new Communications Coordinator. ACC-CCA was successful in securing dedicated resources to hiring a Northern Ontario specific position through NOHFC’s Internship program. Dayfox will be working on outreach, providing website updates and working on our newsletter. Dayfox will be acting as a representative of the ACC-CCA at various arts events throughout the province and communicating with regions on developing projects.

Jacob Dayfox: Originally from Sheshegwaning First Nation, Jacob moved to North Bay four years ago to attend Canadore College and has since attained two diplomas in media arts. Jacob spends his spare time pursuing interests in musicianship, script writing and practicing his Ojibway traditions.  Jacob has previously done work within community arts and theatre as an actor, composer, lighting and audio director.  As a member of the ACC-CCA Jacob hopes to assist artists by ensuring aboriginal traditions are respectfully considered when it comes to event coordination and also guarantee fairness and ethical acknowledgement is given to participating aboriginal artists.

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