A core function of the ACC/CCA is to connect artists, curators and institutions. We exist to create a network, both actual and virtual, that strengthens and expands understanding of Indigenous art. The ACC/CCA has played a vital role in ensuring that there is more Aboriginal art being presented, documented and critically reviewed than ever before. The distribution of critical research in the field of Aboriginal art and curation forms an important part of our outreach to the non-Aboriginal community by narrowing the gap in our understanding of each other through our artistic practices.

We have the responsibility to nurture the art, and the diverse practices derived from it, because it is of this land and exists nowhere else. We are a key part of the infrastructure that links an internationally networked group of professional artists and curators that is Indiginational (consisting of many Aboriginal/Indigenous nations). Inclusivity and diversity are key elements to the way we plan our programming. We seek to connect our membership with the larger arts community, as well as the larger Aboriginal community, through the dissemination of research and writing by and about Aboriginal curators and artists via our website, colloquia and other means.