The articles presented on this page include works that were written specifically for the ACC/CCA, as well as pieces that were originally published elsewhere and posted here with the author’s permission. The goal in posting these articles is to increase the accessibility of critical writing by Aboriginal artists and curators about Aboriginal art and curation.

  1. Brian Jungen: More Than a Curator’s Artist — An Exhibition Review By Jason Baerg
  2. Rebecca Belmore’s Performance of Photography By Amber-Dawn Bear Robe
  3. Buffalo Dudes perform at MoCNA, Santa Fe, August 2012 By Gloria Bell
  4. Re-Imagining Indigenous Portraiture: Will Wilson’s Critical Indigenous Photographic Exchange By Gloria Bell
  5. Witness: A Symposium on the Woodland School Edited by Bonnie Devine
  6. Beyond the One-Liner: The Masks of Brian Jungen [Originally published as “Beyond the One-Liner: The Masks of Brian Jungen”. BorderCrossings #76 2000: 91-3.] By David Garneau
  7. Bob Boyer and Jeff Thomas [Originally published as “Bob Boyer and Jeff Thomas”. BorderCrossings #94 2005: 108-9.] By David Garneau
  8. Dana Claxton’s Sitting Bull and the Moose Jaw Sioux [Originally published as “Dana Claxton: Sitting Bull and the Moose Jaw Sioux”. Vie des Arts #197 2004: 93.] By David Garneau
  9. Frank Shebageget: Quantification [First published as a catalogue essay for Tribe, 2003] By David Garneau
  10. Kevin Mckenzie | Re-Animator MacKenzie Art Gallery July 19, 2006 to September 24, 2006 [Originally published online for GalleriesWest, 2006] By David Garneau
  11. Scouting Venice By David Garneau
  12. The Way Ahead: Surveying the Curatorial Landscape by Linda Grussani
  13. Candice Hopkins’ Top Ten By Candice Hopkins
  14. Launch a Feast for Scavengers By Peter Morin
  15. The Malady of the Jingle Dress? By Karen Pheasant
  16. A new day, a new Director by Ryan Rice
  17. Aboriginal Words and Art Practices in Quebec Today By France Trépanier
  18. Paroles et Pratiques Artistiques Autochtones au Québec Aujourd’hui par France Trépanier
  19. Cosmologies: Anything that Exists has a Beginning By Daina Warren