The following bibliography was carefully compiled between 2005 and 2007 by the founding Board members of the ACC/CCA.

In 2011, Sherry Farrell Racette received a SSHRC/CRSH grant to research an extensive contemporary Aboriginal art history project in partnership with the ACC/CCA. Since that time, the ACC/CCA has partnered with the Aboriginal Art History Archive Project (Sherry Farrell Racette, University of Manitoba) and Concordia University (Heather Igloliorte) to create a categorized, searchable online bibliographic database focused on the contributions of Indigenous scholars.  In creating the expanded list of bibliographic references on First Nations, Métis and Inuit art, the ACC/CCA aims to offer a wide range of resources for those researching contemporary Aboriginal visual art. The new bibliography includes references to mainstream publications, master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, brochures, catalogues, and other relevant sources of information concerning Aboriginal Art History, highlighting the works of Aboriginal curators and writers who contribute their distinct voice to the discourse of contemporary art.

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If you have conducted research in the Indigenous arts and have bibliographic material to share, or if you are an Indigenous artist, curator or scholar and would like your publications included in this list, please send your complete references to Consistent formatting and suggestions for keywords are NOT required (but welcome).

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Total Records Found: 565, showing 100 per page
Author(s) NamesTitle
Know Me, Know You: Jerry Evans
National Museum of the American Indian,Native American Expressive Culture
An Indian Vantage on Cities and Technology
Indian Art ’75
Indian Inuit Pottery ’73
Skijin Ao Waja: Indian Time: Contemporary Indian Art
The Submoluc Show / Columbus wohs: A Visual Commentary on Columbus Quincentenial From The Perspective of America’s First People
Tailfeathers/Sapp/Janvier: Selections From The Art Collection Of The Glenbow Museum
Unique Among Nations
Inuit Art Bibliography
Ace, Barry and Gerald McMaster Osopikahikiwak (Rick Rivet and Jane Ash-Poitras)
Ace, Barry and July Papatsie Transitions: Contemporary Canadian Indian and Inuit Art
Ace, Barry and Ryan Rice Longing and Not Belonging (Rosalie Favell)
Ace,Barry Ravens Wait
Ace,Barry Rosalie Favell: I searched many worlds
Ace,Barry Who Stole the Teepee
Ace,Barry Longing and Not Belonging: Rosalie Favell
Ace,Barry From Stereotype to Archetype (Maria Hupfield and Danny Cutfeet)
Ace,Barry Shamanic Images (Rick Rivet)
Ace,Barry pelage (Mary Anne Barkhouse)
Ace,Barry Fix The Gaze…The Reparative Act 1999 (Linda Young)
Ace,Barry I, (Audrey Greyeyes)
Ace,Barry For Fearless and Other Indians (Shelley Niro)
Ace,Barry inter/SECTION. (Jeffrey Thomas)
Ace,Barry Kokiibinaagan: Symbols of Cultural Continuity,
Acland,Joan First Nations Artists In Canada: A Biographical – Bibliographical Guide, 1960-1999
Agard,Nadema Art as a Medium For Countering Race Stereotypes
Agard,Nadema Southeastern Native Arts Directory
Agard,Nadema Art as a Vehicle for Empowerment
Agard,Nadema Art and Society in the Americas
Agard,Nadema Selu and Kanati: Cherokee Corn Mother and Lucky Hunter.
Agard,Nadema Chicano Art Collector: Cheech Marin.
Agard,Nadema Brooklyn Museum to Have a New Entrance Pavilion and Public Plaza
Alfred,Taiaiake Peace Power Righteousness
Alibhai Amir Ali and Doreen Mellor Four Circles / Soaring Visions
Alibhai,Amir Ali George Littlechild: Past & Recent Work
Alison,Jane, Ed. Native Nations: Journeys in American Photography
Anderson,Duane Legacy: Southwest Indian Art at the School of American Research
Angeconeb,Ahmoo Cedar And Sweetgrass: Works From The Permanent Collection
Archuleta, Margaret and Rennard Strickland ed. 3rd Biennial Native American Fine Arts Invitational
Arnold, Grant, Monika Kin Gagnon, and Doreen Jensen Shared Visions: Native American Painters and Sculptors in the Twentieth Century
Arnold,Grant Topographies: Aspects Of Recent BC Art, Vancouver, Twentieth Century
Ash-Milby, Kathleen and Susan Heald Woven by the Grandmothers: Twenty-four Blankets Travel to the Navajo Nation.
Ash-Milby, Kathleen, Eulalie H. Bonar and D.Y. Begay. Woven by the Grandmothers: Nineteenth-Century Navajo Textiles from the National Museum of the American Indian: Three Perspectives on a Museum Project.
Ash-Milby,Kathleen Contemporary Native American Art in the Twenty-First Century: Overcoming the Legacy.
Ash-Milby,Kathleen Contemporary Native American Art: Reflections after Lewis and Clark
Ash-Milby,Kathleen Finding Our Way: Negotiating Community in Contemporary Native Art
Ash-Milby,Kathleen Still in the Shadows: Native American Art in the 21st Century
Ash-Milby,Kathleen The Indian as ‘Artist’: Native American Art at the Rockwell Museum of Western Art.
Ash-Milby,Kathleen Bonita Wa Wa Calachaw Nu’ez: an Indian Princess Painter.
Ash-Milby,Kathleen Book Review: Reservation X: The Power of Place in Aboriginal Contemporary Art
Ash-Milby,Kathleen Lorenzo Clayton
Ash-Milby,Kathleen Lorenzo Clayton
Ash-Milby,Kathleen Who Was Wa-Wa Chaw?
Ash-Milby,Kathleen Textiles at the National Museum of the American Indian.
Ash-Milby,Kathleen Exhibition Review: Living in Balance: The Universe of the Hopi, Zuni, Navajo and Apache.
Ash-Milby,Kathleen Emblems of Continuity and Change: A Comparison and Analysis of Pre-Reservation and Reservation Period Eagle-Feather Headdresses.
Babinska,Roxane Shaman Never Die: Jane Ash Poitras And David Ruben Piqtoukun
Baert,Renea, Jen Budney, Trish Keegan and Morgan Wood Frank Shebageget
Bailey,Jann LM Daphne Odjig: Four Decades Of Prints
Barbara A. Hail and Kate C. Duncan Out of the North: the Subarctic Collection of the Haffeneffer Museum of Anthropology Brown University
Barkhouse,Mary Anne Raven Heart Collective and Joice Toutsaint
Bauche,D.G. Naheyow: A Portrait Of Allen Sapp And His People
Bear,Edward Ned A Braided Spirit
Bear,Shirley Kospenay
Bear,Shirley Changers: A Spiritual Renaissance
Belanger,Lance Decelebration
Berlo,Janet Catherine, editor Plains Indian Drawings, 1865-1935: Pages from a Visual History
Bernstein,Bruce Modern By Tradition: American Indian Painting in the Studio Style
Bhabha,Homi K The Location of Culture
Bigfeather, Joanna and Richard William Hill, Rayna Green, Dr. Gregory A. Cajete, Lucy R. Lippard Native Views: Influences of Modern Culture, A Contemporary Native American Art Exhibition
Blodgett,Jean The Cowboy/Indian Show: Recent Work By Gerald McMaster
Boyer, Boband Carol Podedworny Odjig: The Art Of Daphne Odjig, 1960-2000
Brach,Paul Our Land / Ourselves: American Indian Contemporary Artists
Bradley, Ian and Patricia A Bibliography of Canadian Native Arts: Indian and Eskimo Arts, Crafts, Dance and Music
Brasser,Ted J “Bo’jou Neejee!” Profiles of Canadian Indian Art
Brody,J.J. Pueblo Indian Painting: Tradition and Modernism in New Mexico, 1900-30
Brody,J.J. Indian Painters and White Patrons
Buck,Sadie Keepers Of Our Culture: A Celebration Of Native Women In The Living Arts
Buck,Sadie Indian Art ’87
Buck,Sadie Indian Art ’85
Buckingham,Jim Through An Eagle’s Eye: Four Contemporary Native Artists
Burt,Eugene C Native American Art: 5 Year Cumulative Bibliography, Mid 1983 through 1988
Butler Palmer,Carolyn Living Legends: The Artistic Process (David Neel)
Cahan,Susan Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education
Cardinal-Schubert,Joan Mark Makers First Nations Graphics +
Chaussonnet, Ed.,Valérie Crossroads Alaska: Native Cultures of Alaska and Siberia
Cinader,Bernhard Manitoulin Island – The Third Layer
Cincinnati Art Museum Art of the First Americans
Clark, Janet and Andrew Oko Spiritual Landscapes: Bob Boyer
Clark, Janet and Roy Kakegamic Mizinatik: The Painting Stick
Clark,Janet Benjamin Chee Chee: The Black Geese Portfolio And Other Works
Clark,Janet Who Discovered The Americas: Recent Work By Jane Ash Poitras
Clark,Janet George Littlechild
Clark,Janet Fringe Momentum: The Photocollages Of Patricia Deadman
Clark,Janet Epogan: Recent Work By Peter J. Clair
Clark,Janet Band Stands: Recent Work By Teresa Marshall
Clark,Janet The Helen E. Band Collection of First Nations Art
Clark,Janet Directions – Recent Work By Rick Rivet
Coe,Ralph T. Sacred Circles: Two Thousand Years of North American Indian Art

ACC Bibliographic References (2007 list)

In collecting an extensive (but not exhaustive) list of bibliographic references on First Nations, Métis and Inuit art, the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective aims to offer a wide range of resources for those researching contemporary Indigenous visual art. The bibliography includes mainstream publications as well as master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, brochures, and catalogues. The ACC’s bibliographic reference acknowledges and highlights the works of Aboriginal curators and writers who contribute their distinct voice to the discourse of contemporary art.

The list was developed to be used as a resource tool, as well as the first step towards initiating an archive that will lead to the ACC becoming a repository for such works. There are a number of bibliographic lists compiled and published that include Lawrence Abbott’s Contemporary Native Art I and II: A Bibliography in American Indian Quarterly Vol. 29 # 3 and 4, and Janet Berlo and Ruth Phillips include one in their publication Native North American Art (Oxford History of Art) 1999. Inuit Art has several extensive bibliographies published by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (1992) and the most recent Richard and Susan Crandall’s An Annotated Bibliography of Inuit Art (2001). For this specific reason, the list referencing Inuit Art will begin in 2002 on.

The intent of the ACC is not to duplicate or replace other services, but to give support to students, curators, artists, researchers, art historians and the general public in the course of researching and accessing information. Many libraries, museums, galleries, cultural centres as well as bookstores have on-line databases to check the availability of the publication. Some significant places to access these publications as well as “artist files” include university libraries, Artexte, Indian and Inuit Art Centres (Indian and Northern Affairs Canada), the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Atlatl, the National Gallery Of Canada, and the Heard Museum ( among others.

The ACC would like to thank all those who contributed their personal bibliographies, and we would like to encourage all those in the field to submit their recent work to the list so that the ACC bibliography on Aboriginal art will grow and continue to remain relevant.

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