Survived Canada 150

The Michaëlle Jean Foundation 2018 Power of the Arts Forum being held in Montreal, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts from February 16 to 18, 2018. This year’s responsive thematic is for everyone from across Canada and the province of Quebec who uses the arts as tools for individual and social change to share on the theme, “The Arts as Tools for Peace“. The Aboriginal Curatorial Collective responded and will be conducting a discussion on-site.

Survived Canada 150: Our Will is Stronger than your Weapons
The Arts and Indigenous Actions – Panel discussion
Saturday, February 17th @ 10am

Within the Indigenous arts sector, the term “peace” refers to an absence of violence and not “calm” as unrest and critical discourse are vital to the our collective futures and the long-term health of many communities. For this round table discussion Indigenous art advocates and Indigenous curators explore the current climate of the arts in Canada as we depart 150th anniversary celebrations and engage in next steps.

Panel discussion with Camille Larivée, Niki Little, Becca Taylor and Clayton Windatt.

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